Cuba 2017

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Womens March 2017

An estimated half a million people attended the Women’s March on Washington January 21, 2017. One day after Donald Trump was named the President of the United States.
Melissa Ichiugi wore a handmade mohawk to the march, which she said symbolized her “aggressive expression tempered with a more feminine expression.”
Many of the port-a-potties were covered with white paper for the inauguration because the company that provided the transportable toilets was named “Don’s Johns.” Instead, some of the paper had been graffitied with other sayings.
Michael Mcmullin set up canvases and art supplies for marchers to express their sentiments. He said he has been doing collaborative art for 30 years. “I didn’t like what Trump said about women, so I’m here today,” Mcmullin said.
Marchers hoisted and folded their signs into a fence that bordered The Ellipse in front of the White House. It was a statement in regards to the wall that President Trump wants to build between the U.S. and Mexico.
Don Hammer, 55, marched for his daughter, mother, and wife who had passed away. Holding a sign with their faces and with the faces of his oldest daughter and her child, Hammer said, “This is why I march.”
Laurily Merzatta, 6, embedded her small sign that read “Love Wins” along the fence that circles The Ellipse. She said she wanted to see what a march looked like.
The march ended at The Ellipse. People danced, shouted and waved signs at the White House until the parade of protests was disbanded around 6 p.m.


Burned out house on 441, Gainesville, FL, Catie, Fall 2016
“Old Miller House,” Island Grove, FL, Miki, Fall 2016
Fruit Packaging Factory, Oklawaha, FL, Chani, Fall 2016
Fruit Packaging Factory, Oklawaha, FL, Chani, Fall 2016
Furniture Mill, Palatka, FL, Deshlee, Fall 2016
Abandoned Beekeeper house, Gainesville, FL, Raina, Fall 2016